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IST Psalms3000 ERP - Printer

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Complete Commercial Printer Management System:

Powerful, Detailed, Automatic Quotation & Sales Order
Automatic Calculate Number of Forms, Impression, Sheet Wise / Work & Turn / Work & Tumble, Number of Make Ready, Running Hours, etc.
The System will Highlight the best paper size for a job.
Faxable and Automatic Job Ticket and Job Scheduling Control, Self-Define Production Calendar
Fully Bar-Code Management during the Production
Self Define Production Line such as Photography, Design & Art Work, Prepress, Printing, Binding, etc.
Detailed Work Group, Work Shift, Job Cost Control
Easy Shipping and Buy Out Management
Complete Row-material and Cost Control
Auto Paper Purchase Order Generate from Daily Sales Order and Inventory Statues
Easy Salesperson Commission Calculation, Easy Salesperson Credit Control
Real Time Customer Credit Control
Built in Accounting
Ready for Online Quotation and Remote Management (Optional)
 & Many More !
System Support Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Use SQL Database, support large network environment and internet



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